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Congregations in Transition

Lord, We pray for your wisdom, insight and peace for the congregations in our synod who are working through a time of pastoral transition.   Amen.

Mobility-January 2021

Church/City                                          Position   Status           Pastoral Care
Congregations PositionStatusPastoral Care
Bethel, Brush PrairiePTRPulpit Supply
Christ, Federal WayPTRMarietta Nelson-Bittle SAM
Grace, Port TownsendPTRPr. Alan Berg
Lutheran Church of Christ the King, TacomaPTRPulpit supply
The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd, OlympiaPCPastor Linda Smith
Mountain View, EdgewoodPTRPr Mike Greenwalt, Pr Kim Latterell
Messiah, AuburnAP Pr. Chuck Harris
Ocean Park, Ocean ParkPTRLouise Buckles, SAM
Prince of Peace, ForksPTRPastor Mike Hanson
St. John’s, CentraliaPTRPulpit Supply
St. John’s, LakewoodPTRPastor Becca Parkins
Zion, CamasPTRAssoc Pr. Susan Dollinger
P- Pastor; AP- Associate Pastor; NV- New Vacancy; TR- Transition; I-Interviewing; C-Calling

Mobility position key
P – Pastor
AP – Associate Pastor
AIM – Associate in Ministry
Mobility status key:
NV- New Vacancy
TR  – Transitioning
I- Interviewing
C- Calling