Friday, May 14 – Saturday, May 15, 2021 via Zoom

Registration opens in February 2021 and will close in early April, so that we can prepare a new system of attending a large conference virtually.

Voter’s Information and Reports *everything you’ll need, as of May 1st).

Online Synod Assembly Registration Information: All information will be emailed to voting members, so be sure that you gave us your email address with your registration.

Daily start and end times (draft):  8:45am-5:30pm, with many break scheduled throughout.
Voter’s Information and Reports 
What is the Synod Assembly?

The Synod Assembly is this Synod’s highest legislative authority working with rostered and lay voting members from all of our congregations and mission starts. Each congregation sends at least two lay voting members along with their rostered ministers.  

What do we do there?

We will have the opportunity to think and plan for the future of the ELCA and your congregation.  We will learn stories of congregations already in the renewal process, learn about ELCA ministries, elect many committee and council positions, hear from our ELCA Churchwide representative on the ministry that the ELCA does worldwide, learn things to help our congregations, participate in workshops about moving forward in your ministries and how we can help the Church move into the future in new ways, resource videos and materials plus we’ll have two beautiful and unique worship services for us to participate in together.   

Agenda (pdf)
2021 Resolutions and Memorials:
Elected Positions

2021-2022 Job Descriptions of elected positions

2021-2022 Nomination Form-fill in

2021-2023 Nomination bios 

2021 Nominations (pdf-yellow)       2022 Nominations (pdf- blue)


Keynote Speakers:   

ELCA Churchwide Staff Representative:

Bible Study: