Friday, May 14 – Saturday, May 15, 2021

via Zoom

Moving Forward with Hope and Vision

We need to spend time understanding what we’ve been through in 2020.  However, when there is a clear vision and a defined direction, hope is more than wishful thinking. It is the driving force of being able to evaluate the current situation, navigate discouragement, adapt to new realities, and renew the vision of what can and will be. Hope keeps you focused on the direction you are moving in the midst of the challenges. 

When you are weary it is easier to be motivated by fear than by hope.  Fear prompts you to stay with the status quo. It is easier to stay with what you know rather than what you don’t know. There is a level of fear that is reasonable. But, when you let your fears take control, you often become paralyzed and do nothing.

Hope, on the other hand, gently steers you toward making a difference. By keeping your eyes upon your goal, hope helps you manage your fears. You move from weariness to expectation. You can see and act upon a new vision.  Come join us as we see this through the lens of the Southwestern Washington Synod.



How many voting members does your congregation get? pdf

NEW THIS YEAR **Online Synod Assembly Registration Information: All information will be on an Attendee Hub for each individual voting member, so be sure that you register each voting member with their own email address. In order to count voting members and votes properly, each voting member needs to be registered with their own email address. This will also be the email address that the individual voting member will log onto the assembly sessions with.   

*Each voting member also needs to use a computer to log-on, so that they can vote easily on Zoom.  Some cell phones don’t support the online poll voting process that we will be using.

We’ll have pre-assembly hearings so that you can hear what is happening, discuss and decide how you may want to vote before the assembly election process.
Hours:  Friday, May 14th -8:30am-4:30pm; 6:30-7pm (with lots of breaks during the day)
            Saturday, May 15th 9am – 12:45pm
Voter Information:

Draft Agenda (pdf)

Workshops: (Register for a workshop for each of the 2 sessions during registration.)

Elected Positions:–Nominations are now closed

Business Items to Vote On:

ELCA Churchwide Staff Representative: Kristen Opalinski

Bible Study Leader:  Bishop Rick Jaech