Enflamed by the Spirit of God, the mission of the Southwestern Washington Synod Outreach Board is to:

  • Enable new mission starts,
  • Empower the renewal of congregations, and
  • Equip the people of God for ministry

The Outreach Board is currently serving 4 functions:

1)    Accompany of our Synod’s new mission starts, including congregations under development and synodically authorized worshiping communities.

2)     Empower congregations in renewal and redevelopment ministry, through which congregations discern new ministry directions by listening to God, one another and their neighbors.

3)     Direct contact with congregations through ministry reviews and consultations.

4)     Strategic distribution of grant money to ministries of new starts, renewing congregations and evangelical outreach ministries.


How can the Outreach Board serve you?

If you (like most of your sister congregations in the synod!) believe your congregation would benefit from a renewal process or could boost renewal life with the possibility of strategic grant dollars, we are here to partner with you.

The Outreach Board is comprised of members who are committed to God’s mission through congregations. We would love the opportunity to send a small team in to meet with your pastor and key community and lay leaders. I like to say that if a church isn’t in renewal then it is in decline, or at best stagnating. And yet the vital questions of “What is God up to here?” and “How is God calling us to change?” continue to have power to renew Christ’s church for purpose and mission.


Imagine Retreat #6 Handout, Mission Table Leadership