Letters from Bishop Jaech:

Letters from 2020

Bishop Jaech’s COVID-19 response March 19, 2020– pdf

Bishop Jaech’s COVID-19 update March 12, 2020- pdf 

Bishop’s Letter on Coronavirus Safety (3/2/20) – pdf

Synod and Synod Ministry Newsletters:

April 2021

SWATCH (Women of the ELCA Synodical News) (pdf)

March 2021

Moments for Mission-March 2021 (Synod News) (pdf)

February 2021

Moments for Mission (Synod news) (pdf)

January 2021

Moments for Mission – January 2021 (pdf)

December 2020

Moments for Mission – December 2020 (pdf)

November 2020

Moments for Mission– November- Synod News (pdf)

November 8th e-news (live link on Nov 7th)

October 2020

Moments for Mission-October– Synod News (pdf)

Living Stones Newsletter Fall 2020 newsletter 

September 2020

Moments for Mission– September 2020 Synod News (pdf)

August 2020

Moments for Mission– August 2020 Synod News (pdf)

E-news: August 3, 2020

July 2020

Moments for Mission- July 2020 Synod News (pdf- corrected 6/27/20)

June 2020

Moments for Mission- June 2020 Synod News (pdf)

E-news: June 7, 2020



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